BAM’s Auto Express Inc. was first opened in 1989, in the South Park area of Houston Texas.  Not wanting to be seen as another fly by night “detail shop”, Harlem Lewis Jr. (aka BAM) embarked on an ambitious project to create a car care center which provided a multitude of services to the consumer.

A family owned business run for several years by Bam and his grandmother Isabella McFarland (known by many in the community as Mama).  Now after a decade and a half, Bam’s has become a landmark in the south Houston area.

Initially thought of as a “detail shop” BAM’shas quietly grown to provide a multitude of services to the public including automotive repairs, rims and tires retail and automotive sales.

As a “ONE STOP” automotive car care center Bam’s has outlasted the competition by becoming versatile in its line of products and services, as well as upholding a standard of quality and credibility in the eyes of customers and the community itself.  Doing GOOD  business is our first priority.

Providing a wide range of car care services  from our SOMETHING SERIOUS air freshener  to waxes, tune-ups, and car sales, Bam’s Auto & Detailing has quickly become Houston’s #1 COMPLETE CAR CARE CENTER that will continue to MAKE YOUR WORLD GO ROUND!

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